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Runs from Thursday June 6 2024 to Friday June 14 2024

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Vernon Secondary School
2100 15 St
Vernon BC V1T 9X7

Event Notes


$15 Admit
$10 Children 10 yrs or less
*includes all fees and tax

The show celebrates everything great about musicals. Zombie prom has it all - a passionate romance, hyper-reality, a misunderstood villain, and the journey of an underdog. It tells the story of the rebel Jonny (yes, without an H) and his beautiful, gentle girlfriend Toffee, who chooses to see beyond his zombie exterior and love him all the same. Other central characters include the dramatic, secret-keeping principal Delilah Strict (portrayed by the renowned RuPaul Charles in the 2006 film) who refuses Jonny entry to the prom, and the smooth-talking reporter Eddie Flagrante. Funny, campy, and larger than life, Zombie Prom unlocks the lovesick teenager in all of us - and remains a cult classic.

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